The Star Wars: Shattered Worlds Universe uses a hybrid system of in-game mechanics and text-based roleplaying to create interactive stories. However, text-based (or “free form”) RP comes with its challenges. Players might try to make unrealistic characters, wield Force powers they’ve read about from the Legends sagas that are overpowered for our story, ignore another character’s actions, and so on. So in order to level the playing field, keep resolution of actions fair, as well as enhance the universe by giving players immediate options available to their characters (such as skills, special abilities, etc.) we have devised a roleplaying system for use in our main RP events.

This guide is broken into several parts, much like a pen-and-paper RPG rulebook. But don’t worry, we do everything in our power to keep everything simple, and it should take no more than 30 minutes to read everything in this guide. The system is also diceless, since we play online via our Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy video game servers. The majority of our story will remain free form and spontaneous. Creativity is always the primary focus. This guide is not intended to limit our creative ability to produce great story, but rather enhance it by resolving contests of actions fairly and keep characters balanced and realistic.

Our guide is broken into the following sections:

1. Character creation

2. Background

3. Class

4. Action Point System

5. Force Power System

6. Advancement

Appendix A – A detailed list of Force Orders and sample powers by Sphere

Appendix B – A detailed Skill list, alphabetical


Star Wars: Shattered Worlds Tzu Tzu