Sean Kruvre

Sith Apprentice


Name: Sean Kruvre
Age: 21
Homeworld: Dantooine
Notable relatives: Gael Kruvre, father and former Sith Knight
Current Rank: Apprentice to Lord Drell

Background: Brawler
Finances: Fair
Network: Low
Class: Force User (Sith)

Action Points (AP): 9
Force Points (FP): 10 (3 from Holocron) (10 Gift from the gods)
Force Spheres: 3 Alter, 3 control, 2 life and 2 sense
Total spent: 20/23
force alignment: Neutral (8 DS, 2 LS)

Special abilities: Tough, Channel Force

Skills: Barter, Craft (improvised) , Survival, Stealth, Craft (exotic), Lore.
Skill Focus: Security, Subterfuge, Lore (Gift from the gods)
Equipment: Lightsaber, Sith Armour, Regular Clothing, Datapad, etc

Other: Received Skill focus: Lore ,10 extra FP and 5 DS points as Gift From The Gods
Received 3 Extra FP and Lore ability from Holocron


Born and raised on Dantooine in a small farm. For fun he and his little brother Christophe dueled and listened to their father, Gael’s stories of his time in the Sith Empire. When Sean was Sixteen he was out in the field with his younger brother, when they got into an arguement, which eventually led to a fight, resulting in Sean blasting his brother across the field in a demonstration of force sensitivity. After turning 18 he left Dantooine and explored the galaxy seeing sights and doing odd jobs.

One of the various planets Sean visited was Coruscant, the former capital of the galaxy, and met the Jedi Gale Lerrik, the two became fast friends, despite Sean being the son of a sith and Gales status as a jedi, they listened to their stories, hopes and dreams, When he finally asked what kind of work a jedi would be doing on Coruscant. Gale showed him the streets of the underworld and explained that most of the galaxy is in a similar situation. Sean was shocked by the depressing state of the galaxy and after about a month he left the planet to look for a way to help the galaxy for a living.

Sean, remembering the stories his father told of the glory of the sith, wanted to learn under the sith in order to both live up to the glory and help the galaxy become a better place. Eventually came across an imperial recruitment center, he informed the interviewer of his force sensitivity, he was told to send an application for the sith academy.

Before submitting the application he set off to Dantooine to hear his fathers advice, who warned him of the situations that can and would happen to him under sith life, however encouraged him to join them anyway. After a few weeks his application was accepted and he set off to New Korriban to commence training….

Sean Kruvre

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