Gale Lerrik

Dark Angels Jedi Healer, Adept rank


Name: Gale Slevi Lerrik
Age: Late Twenties-Early Thirties
Gender: Male
Nicknames: The Thirty Year old Padawan, etc.
Eye Colour: Cyan
Hair Colour: Black/Dark brown
Skin Colour: White
Homeworld: Coruscant
Height: 6 foot 1
Relatives: Leon Lerrik (Disappeared former sith) Moria Lerrik and Yusef Lerrik (Imperial Agents, disappeared, presumably dead)
Current Rank: Jedi Adept
Master: Nuhallis Tyren (missing I think?)
Veteren Tier: Jedi Master

Background: Fringer
Finances: Poor
Network: High
Class: Force User (Jedi)
Weapon proficiency: Simple, Energy, Exotic
Armor proficiency: Light, Medium, Exotic
AP: 8
FP: 30
Force Spheres: Alter 3, Control 4, Life 4, Mind 3, Sense 2
Force Alignment: Light Side (5 LS, 1 DS)

Skills: Medicine, Craft (smithing), Search + Survival, Craft (Exotic), Lore, Craft (Improvise), Craft (Simple)
Special Ability: Adaptable, Channel Force, Sphere Focus
Skill Focus: Diplomacy, Survival, medicine
Equipment: Lightsaber (Tranquility, received from maser Tyren), Lightsaber (Compassion, made during time as jedi), Dagger (Received fromTyren), Jedi robes X3, simple armour, Datapad, Journal, Toolbox, Medpacs, Old combat suit.


BIO: Born in the coruscant underworld around 280 ABY, Gale and his brother, Leon had been living on the streets for as long as they’d known. Leon taught him how to survive on the streets while learning to have fun withwhat they had. The city their playground, they caused all kinds of mischief. At the age of twelve, Gale had to do various odd jobs to help bring food to the table. One of the oddjobs involved robbing a bank with a gang, when he refused to attack one of the workers, he had his right hand severed and was thrown back into the streets. Believed dead, his brother left him and was recruited by sith.

Gale survived the unwanted amputation by struggling his way to a med center and having his injuries tended to, having a prosthetic fitted on shortly after. Gale survived the next three years until he bumped into the wrong people. Already handicapped, he was forced to flee until he was cornered by the criminals, when all hope seemed lost, He saw a figure jump down into the alleyway, a Cloaked monk holding a lightsaber, the sight of which caused the criminals to flee. It was revealed Gale too was force sensitive and was taken into the Dark Angels Jedi Order.

After years of training under Master Nuhallis Tyren, the order had began to fall apart. Gale left and returned to Coruscant, falling into a deep depression caused by the loneliness. Gale wandered the streets, helping and healing people in need. After a few months he came across a mother and child being assaulted by gang members, he managed to drive away the attackers, but couldn’t save the mother, he took the child in and raised her, as well as attempting to train her in the force, raising the child had given Gale a new purpose and had slowly recovered from his depression. When he heard of a call to return to the Dark Angels Order he set off with his adopted daughter and headed towards the planet… (Modern timeline)

After spending some time with the Dark Angels it became apparent that nothing was being done about the various conflicts, Gales frustration grew over time, combined with the fact he was almost thirty years old and still held back from knighthood, it became more and more difficult for him to contain his frustration towards the entire situation. After some time, he left for Yavin, To assist the new Jedi Praxeum in fighting the hostile Sith Empire

Gale Lerrik

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