Catherine Araniell Keliath

Inventor, Scientist, Genius, Detective, Jedi Master


Nickname: Cath, Cathy
Gender: Female
Race: Human, Chiss
Age: 85
Place of birth: Dark Angels Jedi Temple, Tatooine
Height: 5’8
Eye color: Red
Hair color: Black, white
Skin color: Light
Class: Force user
Rank: Jedi Master
Path: Watchman
Alignment: LS

Escape Artist
Iron Will

Metal Bo Staff
Slicing tools
Grapple Hook
Rebreathing mask

Cheunh: fluent and understanding
Galactic Basic: Fluent and understanding


Catherine was born on Tatooine, in the old jedi temple, by her mother Melody Araniell Keliath, now deceased. Catherine has suffered almost her entire life, both physically and mentally. In her early years, she suffered from unstable genetics, although she is of two races, Chiss and Human which are capable of producing, the cause appeared to be unknown. Fortunately, two skilled medics managed to cure her illness, which would have killed her at age 30. She dedicated herself to the Order for years, fighting and living alongside them. Until her life changed one day, when she fell under the influence of the evil dark jedi Jadak, although she bravely defeated him. With Jadak gone, Catherine continued to serve the order for years, as shady as the Order is at times, her loyalty remained of solid steel, as is her will. Catherine would suffer more injuries, mentally and physically, on many missions she would lose a limb or two, as the years passed the pain rapidly increased. But the pain would make her stronger, where pain would cripple most, her body became more tolerant to it. Although the Order disbanded, Catherine remain true to what she was taught, she firmly stands her ground against the darkness, determined not to fall victim to it and she would use that inspiration to give people something to believe in. Although diagnosed with heart failure and failing health from continuous punishments, she continues the fight in the future even if the odds are impossible, and will go through fire and ice to restore peace, justice and freedom to a shattered Galaxy. In later years, she became known as a Protector of Freedom. Her greatest goal in life is to stand for what is right, she believes in restoring peace and freedom as a true descendant of a long line, she lives up to her name and does her ancestors proud. She firmly and stubbornly stands her ground when darkness and evil torment the galaxy. She has more than once gone as far as cheating death, only to keep fighting, she is one of the few long lived Jedi. Although she is willing to cross the lines no one else dares and puts the goal of a Jedi first, while she still breathes, the mission will never be over as long as she still feels there is more she can do.

Catherine Araniell Keliath

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