Aemat Azurart

Lieutenant-General In the Coalition Army, Force Sensitive


Full Name: Aemat Azurart
Age: 25-30 (TBD)
Height: 6’2
Weight: 185 lbs
Race: Human
Homeworld: Corellia
Background: Noble
Finances: Superior
Network: Medium
Class: Force User, Jedi Watchman
Tier: Veteran
Rank: Seated Knight (former)
Masters: Darren Azurart (deceased), Nuhallis Tyren

Alignment: Light (LS 4, DS 1)
Action Points: 10
Force Points: 25
Force Spheres: Alter 3, Control 3, Life 3, Mind 2, Sense 1
Total Spent: 25/25

Weapon Proficiency: Simple, Energy, Exotic
Armor Proficiency: Light, Medium, Exotic
Special Abilities: BlueBlood, Channel Force, Concealment
Skills Bureaucracy, Computer, Diplomacy, Subterfuge, Craft (exotic), Lore, Medicine, Stealth
Skill Focus: Bureaucracy, Diplomacy, Security

Equipment, Lightsaber, Fathers Lightsaber, Custom made Armor (Medium), rebreather, Security Kit, Computer Spikes (5), Grapple, Family Holocron.


Born on Corellia as part of a prestigious and influential noble family of Imperial Knights; Aemat Azurart spent his early life in luxury and relative soundness. As a child he had a great love of galactic history and would spend hours a day reading about the exploits of great hero’s and military leaders in Galactic history such as Revan and Luke Skywalker. From an early age, he was groomed to assume his families noble responsibilities and to one day succeed his father as King of Corellia. This included an aristocratic education as well as training and conditioning in the Jedi arts as well as several other forms of martial arts.

When Aemat was 13, his family was massacred during a gathering on Coronet City by a group of mysterious Force Sensitive assassins. Barely escaping with his life and leaving his family titles vacant, Aemat’s family servants were able to smuggle him aboard a Freighter en route to the Dark Angels Academy on Yavin IV. However, the assassins attempted to intercept the vessel, causing in to crash in the Yavin jungle. after three days of avoiding detection from the assassins, Aemat was eventually rescued and arrived at the Academy where he began his life in the Dark Angels.

Showing promise as a student, Aemat was made the Apprentice of Nuhallis Tyren, who he trained under for five years (along with Nuhallis’s other apprentice, Gale Lerrik). However, as time went on and the Dark Angels began to withdraw from the Galaxy, he grew increasingly frustrated with his orders inaction towards the Animosity plague as well as the growing instability throughout the Galaxy. Aemat left the Dark Angels and joined the Imperial Military in it’s efforts to combat the plague.During this 6/7 year period, Aemat fought in several battles and military operations, eventually earning the military rank of Brigadier General and the Imperial Knight rank of Seated Knight.

Following the rise of Veritas’s Galatic Sith Empire, Aemat lead the 107th Shadow Trooper Brigade (and later The 8th Imperial/Coalition army) In a effort to stop the expansion of the Sith Empire into the core Worlds. He served with distinction at the Battle of Corellia, where he conducted a successful rearguard action that allowed what was left of the Coalition forces to avoid complete annihilation at the hands of the Sith. With the collapse of Leos’s Empire, Aemat joined the Galactic Coalition and was eventually promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-General. He conducted a successful campaign in the Outer Rim where he employed guerrilla warfare and hit and run tactics against the Sith Forces while also harassing Drakos Corporation trade routes to sabotage Imperial supply lines and cut into their revenues.

Following his success in the Rim, Aemat eventually made his way to the newly restored Jedi Praxeum on Yavin IV to provide his services and help the Coalition in continuing its plight against the power of the resurgent Sith Empire.

Aemat Azurart

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