Jedi Order

After the death of the last of the Skywalker clan, leadership of the Jedi Order and its direction came into question. Various Jedi Knights took to arguing over what truly were the Jedi ideals, particularly when it came to how to handle the spread of corruption throughout the Galaxy. Eventually the Jedi Order splintered into several smaller Jedi factions.

In the wake of the Imperial conquest and Treaty of Corellia the leaders of several of these Jedi factions have come together to establish a new Praxeum on the hidden Jedi homeworld of Ilum located in the Unknown Regions and formed a new Jedi Council to organize efforts against the Sith.

Notable Jedi factions that have joined the Praxeum:

Enclave of the Dawn (Spintir)
Order of the Watchtower (Taris)
Sages of Tython (Tython)
Guardians of the Force (Yavin)

Jedi Order

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