Names: Galactic Empire of the Sith, Second Sith Empire, Galactic Sith Empire, Thousand Year Empire

Over a century after the death of Luke Skywalker, the Galaxy remained in turmoil as Resistance forces continued to find no way to fully eliminate remnants of the first Galactic Empire originally established by Emperor Palpatine. Decades of warfare left the Galaxy’s resources scarce and many bureaucrats turned to the Trade Syndicate to meet their basic needs through the Black market.

During this time, several Sith cults rose with fervent dedication to the Dark side of the Force. Lacking the long tradition of teachings handed down from Darth Bane to Darth Sideous, these cults vied for more control over various factions in the Galaxy. However, a new Emperor gathered them together on Moraband and coalesced these cults into a new Order of Sith Lords.

The Emperor first began work to revitalize and secure a small army of Sith on Moraband, which he re-dubbed New Korriban. From there this new SIth force spread its influence to nearby worlds and eventually re-established Dromund Kaas as the Imperial capitol, forging an alliance with the First Order’s Imperial remnant, the Chiss Ascendancy, as well as a loose alliance with the Syndicate. Following the solidification of these alliances the Sith declared the dawn of the second Sith Empire and began organizing its war machine in the Unknown Regions of the Galaxy.

Within ten years of the founding of this new Sith Empire, it began its blitzkrieg march into the Galaxy’s core. The New Republic lost its final battle at its capitol world of Corellia and ceded its remaining planetary governance to give rise to a second Galactic Empire. Despite the Treaty of Corellia many Resistance outposts and regional bureaucrats, particularly in the Outer Rim around the New Republic stronghold in the Yavin sector, as well as several of the splintered factions of the Jedi Order refused to abide by the treaty and quickly began to organize. The Gallactic Coalition is now the only thing standing in the way of total dominance of the Galaxy by the SIth.

After pushing the Resistance out of the Core at their final major standoff against the Empire’s establishment, the new Galactic Empire of the Sith has re-organized the Galaxy under new sector prefects, or Moffs, has begin recruiting and training new legions to secure its mandate, and at the same time working to root out any remaining sympathizers to the Coalition. The Emperor has also gained absolute control over the Galaxy’s crown jewel of Coruscant and established it as the Imperial trade and administrative capitol, due to its central location among the hyperspace lanes and dense population, leaving Dromund Kaas to remain as the spiritual and provincial capitol of the Empire and seat of the Dark Council.


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