The singular head of state and military affairs overseeing the Galactic Sith Empire. The Emperor is currently Darth Veritas, the undisputed Sith’ari (supreme leader) of the Order of Sith Lords second only to the Dark Council and second Galactic Emperor. This new Sith Empire is unique in that a balance of power has been established between the Sith and the re-organized second Galactic Empire, blending elements of both the first Sith Empire and Palpatine’s first Galactic Empire.

In addition to advisement from the Dark Council and the execution of secret tasks related solely to growing the powerful influence of the Sith, the Emperor delegates his impossible task of soley commanding the entirety of the Galaxy to his hand-picked Galactic Empire Inner Circle. This Imperial administrative body is quite powerful, and many new appointments (carry-overs from Palpatine’s New Order which still remained quasi-functioning in the Imperial remnants) as well as the reinstatement of a lame duck Imperial Senate were begrudged after the Treaty of Corellia in order to appease remnant Imperial factions and reward service in the Galactic conquest. However, the Emperor always has the final say over the approval of all major political or military strategies, as well as the authority to remove any member of this advisory group or disband it entirely. The Inner Circle consists of:

The Emperor’s Hand – Effectively the Hand is the Throne’s representative to the Inner Circle, executor of all Imperial policy decreed by the Emperor and resides over the Inner Circle in the Emperor’s absence. The current Hand is Lord Thorn and little is known about him other than he is rumored capable of using the Dark side of the Force and skilled in lightsaber combat, but is not affiliated with the Sith Order.

Grand Vizier – This position was given to the Imperial Secretary, who was the main authority overseeing the preservation of unity among the remnants of Palpatine’s Galactic Empire and its revised code of a New Galactic Order. The Grand Vizier is the highest ranking State official, similar to a Prime Minister. The current Grand Vizier is Lord Minister Judas Hyron. The Grand Vizier is believed to hold ties to the Prophets of the Dark side.

High Moff – The head of the Council of Moffs – the appointed body of sector prefects (Grand Moffs) and system governors (Moffs) who oversee bureaucratic affairs throughout Imperial space. The High Moff is elected by the Council and the current leader is High Moff Wilhelm Stormcrowe.

Director General of the Imperial Navy – also known as the Grand Admiral, and the highest ranking military commander in the Empire. The Grand Admiral oversees all naval operations and is responsible for assignment of the Empire’s three flagship fleets, currently stationed in orbit around Dromund Kaas (Grand Imperial Armada), New Korriban (First Grand Imperial Fleet), and Corellia (Second Grand Imperial Fleet). The Grand Admiral also oversees the execution of the Emperor’s military strategy to the Admirals and Commanders of the Empire’s other thirteen war fleets and their subcommanders (First-Fifth Imperial Command Fleets, First-Sixth Imperial Fleets, First-Second Imperial Reserve Fleets) as well as organizing individual sector fleets and squadrons designated for assignment to varius Moffs and Grand Moffs for the protection of Imperial Space and maintaining civil order on various planetary systems. The current Director General of the Imperial Navy is Lord Admiral Ira Yvive.

DIrector General of the Grand Imperial Army – also known as the Grand General, and is the second highest ranking military commander in the Empire. The Grand General oversees all ground operations by Stormcorps and Grand Imperial Army elite forces throughout the Empire. The Grand General also oversees the execution of the Emperor’s military strategy to the other Generals and Colonels in charge of operations in various military fronts and planetary peacekeeping operations. The current Director General of the Grand Imperial Army is Lord General Lu Shao.

Director of the Imperial Security Bureau – The Imperial Security Bureau (sometimes called Imperial Security or ISB) is responsible for law enforcement and ensuring loyalty among citizens of the Empire, as well as matters of State security. The ISB is closely tied to the Grand Imperial Army, though also has some influence over Imperial Naval affairs. The current Director of the Imperial Security Bureau is Dr. Dimitrius Wolfe, often simply referred to as the Doctor, who also holds the rank of Brigadier General in the Grand Imperial Army.

Director of Imperial Intelligence – Imperial Intelligence is a wing of the Imperial government that works closely with the Imperial Navy in order to gather intelligence on various enemy factions as well as root out internal discord within the Empire’s leadership itself, thereby often at odds with the Imperial Security. However, despite its smaller membership its total secrecy and lack of transparency make it feared by even the powerful Sith Order who are often immune to intrusion by the Security Bureau. The current Director of Imperial Intelligence is Elsa i’Lichti, a Twi’lek, who also holds rank of Commander in the Imperial Navy.

Minister of Industry – The Ministry of Industry is responsible for dictating trade and production strategies for the purpose of maintaining economic prosperity throughout the Galaxy and supplying the Imperial military with necessary resources and civilian contractors. The Ministry represents interests of the Corellian Engineering Corporation, Drakos Corporation and over a dozen other powerful weapons, manufacturing, engineering, resource extraction, and transporation corporations and their subsidiaries. The current Minister of Industry is Ulrich Drakos, CEO of Drakos Enterprises (a recent appointment rumored to have been made solely for political reasons to solidify a trade alliance with the Syndicate).


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