Dark Council

After the fall of Darth Sidious and the death of Darth Vader, the era of the Two Sith ended and its New Order / Galactic Empire slowly collapsed. However, despite the apparent end of the Sith Lords their legacy would not be so easily blotted from the Galaxy.

In the time after Darth Sidious, many cults of Dark siders who held some of the thousands of years of Sith teachings he possessed clammored to seize his throne. Among them were the likes of Supreme Leader Snoke, who eventually met his demise to the Resistance. However, not all would-be Sith Lords so openly pressed for Galactic dominance. Many other cult leaders instead slowly gathered influence in small pockets of the Galaxy and waged wars for territory and against the Jedi.

Eventually, a new and powerful Sith mysteriously rose to power from behind these scenes and gained control over the various cults, bringing their leaders – some of whom were hand-selected replacements for those he had subdued – together to the Sith homeworld to unite the Order of Sith Lords and proclaim himself Emperor. These Sith cult leaders were each granted the rank of Dark Lord of the SIth, and reformed into a new Dark Council. The known members of the Dark Council are:

Darth Veritas, Lord of Illumination, Sith’ari – after the end of the first Sith Empire, Dark side seers quickly spread prophecy of the rise of a new Sith’ari (Lord of all Sith Lords, Emperor of the Sith). Over the millenium that followed, many made the claim that this Sith’ari had come. Some claimed it was Darth Bane, others later that it was Darth Sidious. Many scholars among the Dark side cults and later attributed the prophecy to be with Darth Vader, but he never achieved its fulfillment. Regardless of prophecy, the title is now claimed by Darth Vertias, who has revived the Order of Sith Lords and subdued his adversaries to rise to become the new Sith Emperor. Of the Dark Council, he is the sole head and ruler of them all, despite their likely machinations to one day amass enough power to overthrow him.

Darth Adonael, Lord of Domination – a Sith Warlord and master of the lightsaber. Little is known about the Dark Lord, but his personality is that of ruthless malice toward his enemies and scathing tolerance for his allies.

Darth Obaryon, Lord of Despair – a Sith Inquisitor most known for torturing information out of a captured member of The Watch. This information was vital to the successful conquest of Corellia.

Darth Ananzi, Lady of Secrets – a Sith Assassin skilled in the art of deception and stealth, she led the forces that ultimately infiltrated the Republic Senate’s protective bunker and forced them into the Treaty of Corellia which led to the formation of the second Galactic Empire.

Darth Shun-gok, Lord of Guile – a Sith Sorcerer known for his powerful Sith Alchemy and acquisition of ancient Sith artifacts hidden by Darth Sidious on New Korriban. He is believed to have the ability to create chimera (alchemical constructs created from living beings).

Dark Council

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