In response to the Treaty of Corellia which led to the dissolution of the New Republic and handed over control of all New Republic systems to the second Sith Empire, several bureaucrats who remained loyal to the Republic actively refused to aid in the transition of authority to the new Imperial Moffs. In a small number of systems, these planetary govorners went so far as to call in assistance from the Resistance to skirmish with Imperial forces making moves to occupy their new territories.

After a loss by the Resistance at Ord Mantell and the fall of a rebellion on Dorin, these leaders secretly gathered at a remote outpost in the Bespin system and with the help of Resistance jamming efforts, dissiminated a mandate throughout the Empire which granted independent rights to the people of the Galaxy and formally established themselves as the Galactic Coalition. This mandate also urged all those in the Galaxy still loyal to the Republic to join with them and the Resistance forces to oppose Imperial rule under the influence of their new Sith masters. Furthermore, recently the establishment of a new Jedi Praxeum seems to imply a newly reformed Jedi Order has allied itself with the efforts of the Coalition.

Currently the Galactic Coalition comprises the following systems and territories:



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