The Warden of the Watchtower


Full Name: Josiah Bartlet
Race: Human
Age: 56
Eyes: blue-gray
Hair: white and thinning
Homeworld: Tatooine

Alignment: Light (LS: 10 DS: 5)
Background: Fringer
Finances: Poor
Network: High

Heroic Class: Force User
Veteran Class: Jedi Watchman
Master Class: Jedi Watchman
Weapon Proficiency: SImple, Energy, Exotic
Armor Proficiency: Light, Medium

Action Points (AP): 11
Force Points (FP): 40
Force Spheres: Alteration: 3 Control: 4 Sense: 3 Mind: 3 Life: 2

Special Abilities: Adaptable, Channel Force, Collaborator, Spy

Skill Focus: Survival, Diplomacy, Espionage, Stealth

Skills: Barter, Craft (improvised), Lore, Search, Craft (exotic), Medicine, Survival, Espionage, Security, Stealth, Pilot (simple)

Equipment: Lightsaber, Light Armor, Datapad, Com-link, Environmental robes, Slicing kit, Surveillance kit


Josiah Bartlet is the Jedi Master of the Jedi faction known as the Order of the Watchtower, or simply the Watch. Due to his position as head of this elite group of Jedi Sentinels, he is simply referred to as Warden (his title).

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// This is where your bio goes, above is where your stats go, please follow the Guidebook to find what stats to choose and how to assign points – starting characters have 5 DS/LS points for alignment. More established characters would have acquired some more DS/LS points along their adventures and moral conflicts, so starting out you should add 5 for each tier. Since Warden is a Master tier character, I gave him 15 points for his alignment. Be creative with your equipment if you’d like, but don’t say you have a thermonuclear warhead or something stupid like that. haha And if you want to list extra stuff like lightsaber forms, etc. that’s ok in the Description area as well, you can even add more detail to their actual physical description.//


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