Tresht "Smork" Veda'kk

He's back, he's pissed off, he's Smork


Background: Brawler
Finances: Fair
Network: Low

Heroic Class: Soldier
Prestige Class: Mercenary
Weapon proficiency: Simple, Energy, Heavy
Armor proficiency: Light, Medium, Heavy

Action points: 17
Force Spheres: N/A

Skills: Pilot (Millitary), Survival, Craft (Robotics), Craft (improvised), Pilot (creature), Barter, Craft (simple)
Special Abilities: Tactics, Talented, Tough
Skill focus: Subterfuge, Search, Security

Equipment: Combat Suit, Datapad, Heavy Repeating blaster, Commlink


Name: Tresht “Smork” Veda’kk

Age: 49

Height: 7’3

Weight: 180 Pounds

Personality: Cold and merciless, Tresht will stop at nearly nothing to eliminate a target, no matter who gets in his way, he will see his job done. If a target is prematurely killed, Tresht will be sent flying into a rage and will kill whoever stole his chance at glory.

Tresht "Smork" Veda'kk

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