Syilus Orion

The Galactic Wanderer


Nickname: Syi
Gender: Male
Faction: Dark Angels Jedi Order
Age: 32
Date of Birth: 289.30 ABY
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Korriban
Height: 6’0
Mass: 192 Pounds
Eye Color: Green (Birth)/Yellow-Orange
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Skin Color: Light
Class: Force User
Current Rank: Jedi
Path: Sentinel
Alignment: 5 LS / 5 DS
- Darth Shoräz (Father, former)
- Xarav Matoa (Adoptive Father, MIA)
- Taziel Kenobi (Dismissed, former)
- Aramis D’almuri (MIA, former)
- Sirius Leos (Dismissed, former)

Languages Spoken:
Galactic Basic (fluent)
High Sith (fluent)
Nautila (understanding)
Smuggler’s Cant

Martial Arts:
Basic Hand to Hand Combat
Teräs Käsi

Force Powers:
Alter Environment
Force Cloak
Force Shock
Force Deflection

Lightsaber Forms:
Form I: Shii-Cho
Form IV: Ataru
Form III: Soresu (focused)

Computer Use
Quick Thinking

Former Sith Apprentice
Former Praetorian Knight (Death Wing Reform)
Former Archivist

• Robes – Tattered Adventurer, Custom Jedi Robes, Xarav’s Student, Kazz
• Lightsabers – Restless, Prodigal Son (Brother) and Xarav’s
• Comlink
• Datapad
• Food Capsules
• Nuts and Bolts




Syilus Orion was born and raised on Korriban and trained with his brother Soran under his father, Darth Shorâz. He grew up being taught the Sith ways during Sirius’ reign as the Emperor though his father was more accustomed to the old ways. He never took joy in the things he was made to do during his trials though even through it all he still cared for and loved his brother Soran as he did him both secretly despised their father. They both created their lightsabers at the ages of 8 and 10 from non-synthetic red crystals. Syilus was very attuned to the ways of the Sith at a young age but also loved to study the lighter side of the force, growing up on Korriban with all the sand and lack of life had him to pursue things such as Alter Environment but in order to do so he first had to learn engineering and security systems which he bypassed on a daily basis in order to learn the ways of light. He trained in both sides of the force and also upheld a passion for martial arts.

Around the age of 15 he was founded practicing forbidden techniques and was forcibly exiled by his father himself hoping for Syilus to learn his lesson and hence splitting him and his brother and severing a strong bond. His lightsaber was taken away and so Soran had secretly given Syilus his lightsaber to carry on in the journey’s to come. He wandered the galaxy for a few years, he traveled from one outer rim world to the other learning how to cheat, lie and steal, he became very good at it in the years he was gone as well. He learned from a Devaronian who went under the code name “Bishop”, his real name even unknown to Syilus. He was the father figure for Syilus during his fathers absence after his exile, he was unable to practice much of his gift as he was preoccupied and watched almost all the time being on none other than the “Smuggler’s Moon” Nar Shaddaa for the majority of his teenage years.

During one of Syilus and Bishop’s “blue milk runs” they were overrun by Zann Consortium forces and after their ship had gotten destroyed and there only being one escape pod, too far to run after, Bishop with his last thermal detonator pushed Syilus away and gave him a boost to run down the opposite end of the long hallway towards the escape pod, Bishop ran the other way to the mercenaries from the Zann Consortium and detonated, vaporizing himself as well as the mercenaries leaving only ashes as Syilus could see right before his escape pod launched off from the ship carrying with him only his brothers lightsaber and a cracked datapad.

A broken and unstable force-sensitive teenager, Syilus happened to land on a planet unknown to him though it just so happened to be inhabited by some of the Dark Angels, one of them included Xarav Matoa, who noticed Syilus through the force, he blinked like a beacon waiting to be found which he was. Xarav took Syilus back to the temple to relearn in the ways of the Jedi under him personally and legally adopted Syilus as his son, making him a Matoa. Syilus trained to impress Xarav, as he heard about all his “golden years” from the past, Syilus thought he needed to prove himself to be as good as Xarav had been deemed to be, true or not he was determined and went on lots of missions with him, Xarav entrusted Syilus with much and Syilus tried his best to never fail which in some cases he did but mostly Xarav was impressed with him up until he began to lose motivation. Syilus dipped down in skill and began to slack off most of his days when he was supposed to be out on missions, he thought that nothing was going to change up until one of his fellow Padawans was promoted which hit him hard and he realized he was wasting away. He began training day and night, developing stamina almost equivalent to a Mandalorian warrior though Xarav was absent to see his progress.

After Xarav Matoa went MIA, members of the Dark Angels grew restless and changes were made, they required new teachers and brought in very old teachers from the far past, Taziel Kenobi and Aramis D’almuri who were both rather dark. Syilus craved experience, he was pushed by his good friend Tyrael who stuck with him throughout his time in the Dark Angels to talk to Aramis and learn something and so he did, he was taken on a mission to go undercover as Aramis’ new blood, a Dark Disciple once again, Syilus felt empowered as he stepped off the ship with his “master” into an active Sith Temple and was forced to relive his days as a Sith though he hoped to forget all about it back when the Dark Angels found him. Thinking that where he belonged was with the Sith he decided to stay as the Dark Angels crumbled, he ran one mission with the Dark Angels during his time as a reborn Sith before they disbanded and it brought up old feelings, especially seeing his good friend Tyrael again, he realized what he was missing out on.

Syilus drank on a daily basis but he was never a binge drinker. He went to cantina’s regularly and felt the call from the Dark Angels a few years after, he eagerly set out for Yavin, leaving behind his past and hoping to start anew.

Syilus Orion

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