Roland Drell

Sith Lord, Overseer


Full Name: Roland Drell
Age: 23
Height: 6’1
Weight: 185 lbs
Race: Human
Homeworld: Mandalore
Background: Cadet
Network High
Class: Force User, Sith Assassin
Tier: Veteran
Rank: Sith Lord, Overseer
Masters: Lord Nerva (deceased), Lord Yefiah
Apprentices: Sean Kruvre

Alignment: Dark (DS:9, LS:2)
Action Points: 15
Force Points : 28
Force Spheres: Alter 3, Control 3, Life, 3, Sense 2, Mind 2
Total Spent (FP): 27/28

Weapon proficiency: Simple, Energy, Exotic
Armor proficiency: Light, Medium, Exotic, Heavy
Special Abilities: Well Connected, Channel Force, Concealment
Skills: Survival, Diplomacy, Bureaucracy, Computer, Pilot (military), Craft (exotic), Lore, Security, Stealth
Skill Focus: Search, Espionage, Subterfuge

Equipment: Lightsaber, Sith Armor (Medium),Sith Robes, Security Kit, Datapad, comlink, Armored Mask (with re-breather installed) , Computer Spikes (3), Utillity Belt, Grapple

Special Items:

Lothal Holocron: 3+ Force Points

Bonus Abilities:

Gift of the Gods: 5 + Action Points, Heavy Armor Proficiency.


Born on Mandalore as the son of a powerful Mandalorian Warlord, Roland Drell was the heir presumptive of the Mandalorian Clan Drell. At the age of 14, he accompanied and fought alongside his father during his campaigns, proving himself in battle and becoming well versed in the ways of strategy and military tactics as well as cementing his reputation as a cunning warrior and a gifted martial artist. Three years later, Clan Drell was annihilated when a rival clan ambushed and annihilated their forces. Roland’s family was massacred, while he himself was enslaved and made a Gladiator on Mandalore.

Through the trails of the arena and the personal losses he had suffered, Roland became driven by an uncontrollable rage and a thirst for vengeance. Over the course of a year, Roland had killed hundreds of combatants in the arena, eventually winning the championship and earning his freedom.

Destitute and seeking revenge, Roland was approached by the Sith Lord Nerva; who upon witnessing Roland’s exploits in the arena and sensing his Force Sensitivity offed to train him as his apprentice and promised to give him the power necessary to attain vengeance against those responsible for his families death. Roland accepted; and within months of beginning his training, had massacred all the members of the clan that had enslaved him and killed his family.

After avenging the death of his family, Roland continued his training under Lord Nerva, while accompanying his new Master on his campaigns for the next three years. This eventually culminated in The Battle of Corellia where Nerva lost his life and Roland was left master-less. Following the death of Nerva, several of the Sith and Generals under his command mutinied in an attempt to seize control of some of the underlying systems and planets conquered during Nerva’s campaigns.

Roland spent the next two years putting his masters affairs in order and hunting down and killing the mutinous fragments of Nerva’s army before being summoned by an emissary to the Sith Academy on New Korriban. There he continued his training under Lord Yefiah, until earning the rank of Lord three months later. Following this and a series of successful missions alongside his Apprentice Sean Kruvre, Rolland was made an Overseer at the Korriban Academy and put in charge of the Inquisitors Wing. Although after receiving this promotion, he requested a transfer to the Assassination Wing instead.

Roland Drell

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