Galen Durnal II.

Jedi Master


Full name: Galen II. Marek Durnal
Nicknames: Gal, Cabur Kom’rk
Gender: Male
Faction: Civilian
Age: ??
Date of Birth: 299 ABY
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Dantooine

Height: 6’0
Mass: 191 Pounds
Left Eye Color: White
Right Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Blonde
Skin Color: Fair
Current Rank: n/a
Path: n/a

Jauslyin Shihyou Kanos (Former Padawan)
Zek’Hak Khatar (Former Apprentice)
Trevor Vaun (Former Padawan)
Yorex Ilumin (Former Padawan)
Tsu’tey Tanion (Former Student, Padawan)
Nomi Sunrider (Former Student)
Re-el Aqul (Former Student)

Languages Spoken:

Galactic Basic (fluent) Mando’a (fluent) Shyriiwook (fluent) Huttese Chiss Rodese Nelvaan’i(understanding)

Martial Arts:
Mastered Form of Jar’kai, Djem So
Force Powers

Jump Speed Telekinesis Force Sight (Natural) Force Healing Force Light Force Protect Force Absorb Force Cloak Malacia Transfer Essence Force Weaving Force Listening
Lightsaber Forms:

Form I: Shii-Cho Form III: Soresu Form IV Ataru(focused) Form V: Shien Form VI: Niman

Piloting , Mechanics, Lightsaber construction

Former Council Member of the Sages of Tython
Current Jedi Watchmen on the Jedi Praxeum of Ilum
• Robes
• Personal Lightsabers – Felocity, Marek’da
• Com-link
• Datapad
• Personal Holocron
• Bacta Canisters

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Galen Durnal II.

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