Lord Cephus

Sith Overseer


Full Name: Thece’phu’silut
Sex: Male
Race: Chiss
Age: 59
Rank: Sith Lord, Overseer of the New Korriban Sith Academy

Alignment: Dark (DS: 9, LS: 1)
Background: Cadet
Finances: Good
Network: High

Heroic Class: Force User (Sith)
Veteran Class: Sith Warlord
Weapon Proficiency: Simple, Energy, Exotic
Armor Proficiency: Light, Medium, Exotic

Action Points (AP): 12
Force Points (FP): 20
Force Spheres: Alteration: 3 Control: 3 Sense: 2 Mind: 1 Life: 1
Total spent: 19 FP

Special abilities: Well-Connected, Channel Force, Track Prey

Skills: Bureaucracy, Computer, Search, Survival, Craft (exotic), Lore, Diplomacy, Craft (robotics), Pilot (military)
Skill Focus: Search, Subterfuge, Survival

Equipment: Lightsaber, Exotic Armor, Datapad, Com-link, Environmental robes, Surveillance kit, Robotics kit, Sith artifact (GM secret)


Lord Cephus played a key role in the conquest of the Core Worlds by the second Sith Empire, but fell victim to a critical wound inflicted by the hands of a Jedi Master at the Battle of Corellia. He is now confined to a restrictive life support armor and assigned a more non-combative role as the head Overseer of the Sith Academy on New Korriban.

Lord Cephus

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