Star Wars: Shattered Worlds

The Bespin Accords

Coalition forms, Duros sector embattled


Various members of our Coalition have come together today to sign a set of Accords that grant special rights and privileges to the honorable freedom fighters currently locked down within Imperial and Sith territory. We, the members of this Coalition, did not authorize the Treaty of Corellia. Those who signed away their goverments, they have failed this Galaxy and they failed the New Republic!

If the Empire and their hidden masters deem to take our Galaxy by force, they are destined to fail. The only way to secure order is by the will of the people! Leaders must honor the rights of the people they seek to rule over. Our voices will be heard, by choice or by force – for we will not bow to dictators! We call on any and all systems and armed forces still loyal to the ideals of our Republic to join forces with the Resistance movement and enter into these Accords to join into our Coalition against the tyranny of the Empire!

This statement released today was transmitted through scrambled channels throughout the Core and Mid Rim after unregistered star fighters targeted key Imperial communication relays in the Duros sector in an effort believed to have been designed to disrupt Imperial Security’s efforts to locate the source of this transmission. Despite these tactical efforts, Imperial Security has revealed that they believe the relay originated from the Bespin system, though they were unable to pinpoint the exact origin. We currently have little information as communication with Imperial forces positioned near Duros has been increasingly difficult over the last several cycles due to retaliatory jamming efforts being set into motion against Resistance forces known to be actively skirmishing with Imperial fleets in the sector.


Tzu Tzu

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