Star Wars: Shattered Worlds

Emperor Arrives on Coruscant

Galactic, Sith Imperial capitols split


After a rendezvous with the First Imperial Fleet now stationed in orbit above the Galaxy’s highly important core world Coruscant to congratulate them on their hard-fought victory in the Duros sector, the Emperor and his Inner Circle safely arrived at the new Imperial Palace to inaugurate the planet as the new Galactic Imperial capitol. All bureaucratic functions of the Second Galactic Empire are now ready to begin operation from this new central location, while the Dark Council of the Sith will continue to oversee the Galaxy’s spiritual affairs from the Sith Imperial capitol of Dromund Kaas and retain sole oversight over the Sith Academy on New Korriban.

Lord Minister Judas Hyron, the Emperor’s Grand Vizier, held the first word at this momentous ceremony, and called for unity among those planets still loyal to the rebel forces of the Galactic Coalition:

Today is an historic event as for the first time in over one hundred years the Galactic center is restored to the noble jewel of the Galaxy, Coruscant. While some rebels remain resistant to allowing a peaceful transition into this glorious new reign of order and stability after the continued failings of the New Republic, it is my sincerest hope that these upstart military and civil officers will see this move by His Majesty’s supremely austere governance as a beacon that the time to come into the fold is now.

High Moff William Stormcrowe assured the Empire that the new division of government between the Second Galactic Empire and the Second Sith Empire did not denote a split between the ideals and goals of the Sith and of the Galactic Empire, but rather best served the administrative needs of the Emperor’s wisdom. This sentiment was also echoed by the Director of the Imperial Security Bureau, Dr. Dimitrius Wolfe.

Ulrich Drakos, Minister of Industry, assured the Galaxy that this new central location would mean much easier trade dealings throughout the Empire, and further guaranteed that his rumored ties to the Trade Syndicate have no substance, nor any bearing on the stability of well-regulated trade and resource acquisition in the Empire.

It’s absolutely preposterous these media allegations that the new Galactic Empire is in bed with Syndicate crime bosses. I assure you that these rumors are unfair, nor will such required dealings with trade barons in the Outer rim have any bearing on the Drakos Corporation or the Empire’s capability of regulating safety and quality in our acquisitions. Our new central capitol will rather insure it.

With all eyes now on Coruscant, we wonder what the Sith will make of these moves by the throne to centralize Galactic governance away from Dromund Kaas. However, the Emperor made quick assurances that his is not only the Galactic Emperor, but also the Sith Emperor, and that his words are forged by the weight of the people he now governs.

While the contributions of the ancient Sith Lords to this Galaxy cannot be diminished, in our modern era it must be seen inefficient to rule the entirety of our Empire as some sort of outdated theocracy. The day-to-day operations of the Empire must be centralized, and Dromund Kaas is not capable in this age to serve in that capacity. Furthermore, this division of the Empire is in function only. The Dark Council still serves a vital role in the advising of Our throne and so shall it always be. The Dark Lords of the Sith are trusted guardians of our Galaxy and serve Us far above the abilities of mere military officers or bureaucrats. Their function shall remain unquestioned.

Truly this shake-up in the government of the Empire will be met with criticism from some, but it seems as though the entirety of the Inner Circle is united behind the decision.


Tzu Tzu

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