Star Wars: Shattered Worlds

Duros Standoff Ends, Empire Victorious

Imperial Grand Admiral reorganizes fleets


After nearly 100 Duros rotations, the standoff between the Imperial Command Second and Third Fleets and Resistance skirmishers has come to an end with the so-called Galactic Coalition forces reported to have jumped out of the sector. Communications in and out of Imperial Naval High Command have resumed. We have thus learned that with the rebellion in the Duros sector quelled, Director General of the Imperial Navy, Lord Admiral Yvive, has begun the process of reorganizing Imperial fleets to better protect the Empire from further insurrection by those allying themselves with the rebels.

The First Imperial Command Fleet will move from the Duros sector to be stationed over Coruscant, while the Second Imperial Command Fleet will remain in the Duros sector. The Third and Fourth Imperial Command Fleets are being brought in to patrol Galactic Core sectors and trade routes as well, while the Fifth Imperial Command Fleet will be sent to the Bespin system to investigate the origin of Coalition activities. The First and Second Imperial Fleets will join the Fifth Imperial Command Fleet in investigating the Mid Rim for rebel activities. The remaining four Imperial Fleets will finalize their transition into service under their respective Moffs in the Expansion Region and Outer Rim, with the First and Second Reserve Fleets monitoring various civilian science and exploration projects in the Unknown Regions.


Tzu Tzu

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