Star Wars: Shattered Worlds

Dorin Rebellion Squashed

Leaders implicated as members of Resistance


214 Kel Dor have been captured and imprisoned by Grand Imperial Army forces on Dorin implicated in their role in recent revolts on the planet. Many of these rebels held high ranks among the Baran Do Sages, and the Emperor has released an official decree to disband the order. Thousands more Kel Dor are reported injurred or dead as a result of coordinated attacks by these rebels designed to resist Imperial rule.

Imperial Intelligence has released reports that connect these 214 Kel Dor rebels to a growing opposition in the Core Worlds and Expansion Region linked to the Resistance. The new Empire is currently mobilizing several Imperial Navy fleets in preparation for an attempt to force these rebel militias out of the Core and force them to abide by the Treaty of Corellia.


Tzu Tzu

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