Star Wars: Shattered Worlds

Coalition Sympathizer Outsted

Backer of Resistance removed from Imperial Senate


Breaking news from the Imperial Senate building on Coruscant:

The Imperial News Network has received a press release from the Imperial Security Bureau detailing the removal and imprisonment of a rebel sympathizer. The Coalition supporter has been confirmed as none other than the representative from the planet Woostri, Mathias Hor. It is alleged that former Senator Hor used his authority as Senator to access resources from Woostri’s expansive databases, which were subsequently used to supply Resistance forces with all the tactical information necessary for successfully launching the recent standoff of skirmishes against the Empire in the Duro sector. By utilizing Woostri holo-records it is believed rebel fleets were able to coordinate their massive hit-and-jump tactics that left Imperial fleets in a stalemate against the Resistance for over 100 Duro planetary rotations.

Former Senator Hor was arrested earlier today, and has been held on Coruscant until he may face the Tribunal scheduled for later this week. While acts of treason could be punishable by death, it is believed the former Imperial senator will be instead sent to Stygeon Prime to be interrogated by ISB for any and all information Hor may possess regarding the so-called rebellion known as the Galactic Coalition.


Tzu Tzu

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