Star Wars: Shattered Worlds

Capitols Divided, Empire United

Emperor re-convenes Galactic Senate


In a surprise move, the Emperor re-convened the Galactic Senate, gathering a majority of former New Republic senators to Coruscant. Absent were those senators known to be actively participating in the Galactic Coalition rebellion, as well as a few others suspected of financing Resistance operations who claimed illness prevented their journey. Additional seats in the Senate chamber were given to representatives from the Hutts and the Trade Syndicate, as well as the Chiss Ascendancy. Also, various other Imperial remnant worlds such as Bastion, which had remained vacant after their secession from the New Republic under the First Order, were also restored.

The Emperor spoke from his chorus – a group of 4 masked orators who speak in unison with him in their center, also wearing a ceremonial mask – a practice the Emperor has made common in all public appearances, claiming Sith tradition and security concerns. The Emperor dictated to the Galactic Senate that despite his absolute authority and his transition into the Moff governorships established by the New Order, his will was that of stability for all worlds in the Galaxy. Therefore, in order to assure every world has a voice, the Galactic Senate would gather regularly to hold court, and offer parliamentary advisory to his administration and hoped this would ease the minds of the people during this difficult transition from Republic weakness and incompetence into a new Golden Age of stability his Empire is already beginning to provide. This was met with loud, yet perhaps skeptical applause.

In addition to re-convening this new Imperial Senate, further explanation was given regarding the separation of government between the Galactic and Sith capitols. The Emperor officially decreed a united Empire, and had it recognized by the Imperial Senate that from henceforth this united Empire shall be known as the Galactic Empire of the Sith. While the Dark Council of the Sith had appeared relegated to mere advisors to the Inner Circle, the Emperor further announced that the Galaxy’s various Imperial sectors would be further grouped under their expansion zones, the Moffs of which would all be directly advised by one of these Dark Lords. Darth Adonael shall be named the Vizier of the Core worlds, Darth Ananzi shall be Vizier of the Mid Rim and old Expansion Region, Darth Obaryon Vizier of the Outer Rim, and Darth Sun-Gok Vizier of the Unknown Regions and Wild Space. Thus, while the Inner Circle would be centered out of Coruscant, the Council of Moffs would convene at the Sith Imperial Palace on Dromund Kaas rather than with the Inner Circle on Coruscant, creating a bureaucratic redundancy in which Imperial leadership would be easily restored in the event of a disasterous strike at either capitol.

“This new structure,” said the Emperor, “will retain a degree of autonomy for the Moffs to enjoy, while ensuring Sith guidance and protection for the Galaxy’s citizens for a thousand years. Furthermore, should rebels usurp Our Throne, the governors can easily unite against the usurper and restore order. And should the Sith be overthrown and our Moffs devoured, Our Throne can easily step in and restore order. We are now unto a Dragon with Two Heads. Never again shall the Galaxy fall into the chaos and poverty that the New Republic left in its wake due to inept governance and unending civil unrest. The Resistance will soon be crushed and the Coalition will return to the fold to join this Imperial Senate in advising Us on advancing to a new Golden Age.”


Tzu Tzu

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