Star Wars: Shattered Worlds

Battle of Ord Mantell

Trade Syndicate, Empire celebrate victories


Imperial Navy and Grand Imperial Army forces have restored order to Ord Mantell and the Bright Jewel Sector. Imperial High Command has reported that the final Resistance forces have fled into Hyperspace and left the sector, leaving the Empire victorious. Operations are already under way to return local governance to the Drakos Corporation with Imperial forces maintaining security and peacekeeping operations in the sector indefinately.

This victory has strengthened ties between the Empire and the Trade Syndicate, whose haulted operations in the sector has hindered its efforts to supply the Core. With operations on Ord Mantell resuming, the fledgling Empire’s ability to restore order to the Core worlds and drive out Resistance forces will be greatly enhanced.

The Grand Imperial Army is also nearly complete in putting down local rebellions on the planet Dorin, having already imprisoned over one hundred Kel Dor rebels believed responsible for the string of revolts. It is still unclear if these Kel Dor are operating in conjunction with the Resistance, but the Empire is working hard to insure that Dorin is unable to join the ranks of various rebel forces unwilling to honor the Treaty of Corellia and lend more credence to their claims of a Galactic Coalition.


Tzu Tzu

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