Star Wars: Shattered Worlds

A New Jedi Praxeum

Jedi factions rumored to reform Jedi Order


News is leaking out of various sectors that Imperial Security has picked up communications which hint at a secret meeting taking place in the Unknown Regions between several leaders of various Jedi factions. This meeting has stirred rumors that these communications are plans for a unification of several factions under a new Jedi Praxeum coordinated to engage the Empire directly.

These rumors were met with a quick rebuttal by the Grand Vizier stating that any aggression taken against the Sith by any faction of the Jedi Order will be seen as a direct violation of the Treaty of Corellia and met with swift action in the same manner as recent hostilities in the Duros sector by forces aligned with the new Coaliton.


Tzu Tzu

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