Star Wars: Shattered Worlds

Rebellion Strikes
Resistance hit and run overwhelms sector governors


Resorting to a new string of hit and run tactics, the Resistance has hit a total of 13 vital shipments of fresh Imperial munitions being transported by the Drakos Corporaton. Intended to restock various Mid-rim, Expansion, and Outer Rim forces poorly outfitted since the formation of the Galactic Sith Empire these rebel raids have left several sector Moffs at a loss on how to better secure trade routes in their wake. Many have deferred to their Sith viziers on how to proceed. The Emperor has instructed several Inquisitors to assist ISB in dealing with the situation.

Coalition Sympathizer Outsted
Backer of Resistance removed from Imperial Senate


Breaking news from the Imperial Senate building on Coruscant:

The Imperial News Network has received a press release from the Imperial Security Bureau detailing the removal and imprisonment of a rebel sympathizer. The Coalition supporter has been confirmed as none other than the representative from the planet Woostri, Mathias Hor. It is alleged that former Senator Hor used his authority as Senator to access resources from Woostri’s expansive databases, which were subsequently used to supply Resistance forces with all the tactical information necessary for successfully launching the recent standoff of skirmishes against the Empire in the Duro sector. By utilizing Woostri holo-records it is believed rebel fleets were able to coordinate their massive hit-and-jump tactics that left Imperial fleets in a stalemate against the Resistance for over 100 Duro planetary rotations.

Former Senator Hor was arrested earlier today, and has been held on Coruscant until he may face the Tribunal scheduled for later this week. While acts of treason could be punishable by death, it is believed the former Imperial senator will be instead sent to Stygeon Prime to be interrogated by ISB for any and all information Hor may possess regarding the so-called rebellion known as the Galactic Coalition.

Capitols Divided, Empire United
Emperor re-convenes Galactic Senate


In a surprise move, the Emperor re-convened the Galactic Senate, gathering a majority of former New Republic senators to Coruscant. Absent were those senators known to be actively participating in the Galactic Coalition rebellion, as well as a few others suspected of financing Resistance operations who claimed illness prevented their journey. Additional seats in the Senate chamber were given to representatives from the Hutts and the Trade Syndicate, as well as the Chiss Ascendancy. Also, various other Imperial remnant worlds such as Bastion, which had remained vacant after their secession from the New Republic under the First Order, were also restored.

The Emperor spoke from his chorus – a group of 4 masked orators who speak in unison with him in their center, also wearing a ceremonial mask – a practice the Emperor has made common in all public appearances, claiming Sith tradition and security concerns. The Emperor dictated to the Galactic Senate that despite his absolute authority and his transition into the Moff governorships established by the New Order, his will was that of stability for all worlds in the Galaxy. Therefore, in order to assure every world has a voice, the Galactic Senate would gather regularly to hold court, and offer parliamentary advisory to his administration and hoped this would ease the minds of the people during this difficult transition from Republic weakness and incompetence into a new Golden Age of stability his Empire is already beginning to provide. This was met with loud, yet perhaps skeptical applause.

In addition to re-convening this new Imperial Senate, further explanation was given regarding the separation of government between the Galactic and Sith capitols. The Emperor officially decreed a united Empire, and had it recognized by the Imperial Senate that from henceforth this united Empire shall be known as the Galactic Empire of the Sith. While the Dark Council of the Sith had appeared relegated to mere advisors to the Inner Circle, the Emperor further announced that the Galaxy’s various Imperial sectors would be further grouped under their expansion zones, the Moffs of which would all be directly advised by one of these Dark Lords. Darth Adonael shall be named the Vizier of the Core worlds, Darth Ananzi shall be Vizier of the Mid Rim and old Expansion Region, Darth Obaryon Vizier of the Outer Rim, and Darth Sun-Gok Vizier of the Unknown Regions and Wild Space. Thus, while the Inner Circle would be centered out of Coruscant, the Council of Moffs would convene at the Sith Imperial Palace on Dromund Kaas rather than with the Inner Circle on Coruscant, creating a bureaucratic redundancy in which Imperial leadership would be easily restored in the event of a disasterous strike at either capitol.

“This new structure,” said the Emperor, “will retain a degree of autonomy for the Moffs to enjoy, while ensuring Sith guidance and protection for the Galaxy’s citizens for a thousand years. Furthermore, should rebels usurp Our Throne, the governors can easily unite against the usurper and restore order. And should the Sith be overthrown and our Moffs devoured, Our Throne can easily step in and restore order. We are now unto a Dragon with Two Heads. Never again shall the Galaxy fall into the chaos and poverty that the New Republic left in its wake due to inept governance and unending civil unrest. The Resistance will soon be crushed and the Coalition will return to the fold to join this Imperial Senate in advising Us on advancing to a new Golden Age.”

Emperor Arrives on Coruscant
Galactic, Sith Imperial capitols split


After a rendezvous with the First Imperial Fleet now stationed in orbit above the Galaxy’s highly important core world Coruscant to congratulate them on their hard-fought victory in the Duros sector, the Emperor and his Inner Circle safely arrived at the new Imperial Palace to inaugurate the planet as the new Galactic Imperial capitol. All bureaucratic functions of the Second Galactic Empire are now ready to begin operation from this new central location, while the Dark Council of the Sith will continue to oversee the Galaxy’s spiritual affairs from the Sith Imperial capitol of Dromund Kaas and retain sole oversight over the Sith Academy on New Korriban.

Lord Minister Judas Hyron, the Emperor’s Grand Vizier, held the first word at this momentous ceremony, and called for unity among those planets still loyal to the rebel forces of the Galactic Coalition:

Today is an historic event as for the first time in over one hundred years the Galactic center is restored to the noble jewel of the Galaxy, Coruscant. While some rebels remain resistant to allowing a peaceful transition into this glorious new reign of order and stability after the continued failings of the New Republic, it is my sincerest hope that these upstart military and civil officers will see this move by His Majesty’s supremely austere governance as a beacon that the time to come into the fold is now.

High Moff William Stormcrowe assured the Empire that the new division of government between the Second Galactic Empire and the Second Sith Empire did not denote a split between the ideals and goals of the Sith and of the Galactic Empire, but rather best served the administrative needs of the Emperor’s wisdom. This sentiment was also echoed by the Director of the Imperial Security Bureau, Dr. Dimitrius Wolfe.

Ulrich Drakos, Minister of Industry, assured the Galaxy that this new central location would mean much easier trade dealings throughout the Empire, and further guaranteed that his rumored ties to the Trade Syndicate have no substance, nor any bearing on the stability of well-regulated trade and resource acquisition in the Empire.

It’s absolutely preposterous these media allegations that the new Galactic Empire is in bed with Syndicate crime bosses. I assure you that these rumors are unfair, nor will such required dealings with trade barons in the Outer rim have any bearing on the Drakos Corporation or the Empire’s capability of regulating safety and quality in our acquisitions. Our new central capitol will rather insure it.

With all eyes now on Coruscant, we wonder what the Sith will make of these moves by the throne to centralize Galactic governance away from Dromund Kaas. However, the Emperor made quick assurances that his is not only the Galactic Emperor, but also the Sith Emperor, and that his words are forged by the weight of the people he now governs.

While the contributions of the ancient Sith Lords to this Galaxy cannot be diminished, in our modern era it must be seen inefficient to rule the entirety of our Empire as some sort of outdated theocracy. The day-to-day operations of the Empire must be centralized, and Dromund Kaas is not capable in this age to serve in that capacity. Furthermore, this division of the Empire is in function only. The Dark Council still serves a vital role in the advising of Our throne and so shall it always be. The Dark Lords of the Sith are trusted guardians of our Galaxy and serve Us far above the abilities of mere military officers or bureaucrats. Their function shall remain unquestioned.

Truly this shake-up in the government of the Empire will be met with criticism from some, but it seems as though the entirety of the Inner Circle is united behind the decision.

Duros Standoff Ends, Empire Victorious
Imperial Grand Admiral reorganizes fleets


After nearly 100 Duros rotations, the standoff between the Imperial Command Second and Third Fleets and Resistance skirmishers has come to an end with the so-called Galactic Coalition forces reported to have jumped out of the sector. Communications in and out of Imperial Naval High Command have resumed. We have thus learned that with the rebellion in the Duros sector quelled, Director General of the Imperial Navy, Lord Admiral Yvive, has begun the process of reorganizing Imperial fleets to better protect the Empire from further insurrection by those allying themselves with the rebels.

The First Imperial Command Fleet will move from the Duros sector to be stationed over Coruscant, while the Second Imperial Command Fleet will remain in the Duros sector. The Third and Fourth Imperial Command Fleets are being brought in to patrol Galactic Core sectors and trade routes as well, while the Fifth Imperial Command Fleet will be sent to the Bespin system to investigate the origin of Coalition activities. The First and Second Imperial Fleets will join the Fifth Imperial Command Fleet in investigating the Mid Rim for rebel activities. The remaining four Imperial Fleets will finalize their transition into service under their respective Moffs in the Expansion Region and Outer Rim, with the First and Second Reserve Fleets monitoring various civilian science and exploration projects in the Unknown Regions.

A New Jedi Praxeum
Jedi factions rumored to reform Jedi Order


News is leaking out of various sectors that Imperial Security has picked up communications which hint at a secret meeting taking place in the Unknown Regions between several leaders of various Jedi factions. This meeting has stirred rumors that these communications are plans for a unification of several factions under a new Jedi Praxeum coordinated to engage the Empire directly.

These rumors were met with a quick rebuttal by the Grand Vizier stating that any aggression taken against the Sith by any faction of the Jedi Order will be seen as a direct violation of the Treaty of Corellia and met with swift action in the same manner as recent hostilities in the Duros sector by forces aligned with the new Coaliton.

The Bespin Accords
Coalition forms, Duros sector embattled


Various members of our Coalition have come together today to sign a set of Accords that grant special rights and privileges to the honorable freedom fighters currently locked down within Imperial and Sith territory. We, the members of this Coalition, did not authorize the Treaty of Corellia. Those who signed away their goverments, they have failed this Galaxy and they failed the New Republic!

If the Empire and their hidden masters deem to take our Galaxy by force, they are destined to fail. The only way to secure order is by the will of the people! Leaders must honor the rights of the people they seek to rule over. Our voices will be heard, by choice or by force – for we will not bow to dictators! We call on any and all systems and armed forces still loyal to the ideals of our Republic to join forces with the Resistance movement and enter into these Accords to join into our Coalition against the tyranny of the Empire!

This statement released today was transmitted through scrambled channels throughout the Core and Mid Rim after unregistered star fighters targeted key Imperial communication relays in the Duros sector in an effort believed to have been designed to disrupt Imperial Security’s efforts to locate the source of this transmission. Despite these tactical efforts, Imperial Security has revealed that they believe the relay originated from the Bespin system, though they were unable to pinpoint the exact origin. We currently have little information as communication with Imperial forces positioned near Duros has been increasingly difficult over the last several cycles due to retaliatory jamming efforts being set into motion against Resistance forces known to be actively skirmishing with Imperial fleets in the sector.

Dorin Rebellion Squashed
Leaders implicated as members of Resistance


214 Kel Dor have been captured and imprisoned by Grand Imperial Army forces on Dorin implicated in their role in recent revolts on the planet. Many of these rebels held high ranks among the Baran Do Sages, and the Emperor has released an official decree to disband the order. Thousands more Kel Dor are reported injurred or dead as a result of coordinated attacks by these rebels designed to resist Imperial rule.

Imperial Intelligence has released reports that connect these 214 Kel Dor rebels to a growing opposition in the Core Worlds and Expansion Region linked to the Resistance. The new Empire is currently mobilizing several Imperial Navy fleets in preparation for an attempt to force these rebel militias out of the Core and force them to abide by the Treaty of Corellia.

Battle of Ord Mantell
Trade Syndicate, Empire celebrate victories


Imperial Navy and Grand Imperial Army forces have restored order to Ord Mantell and the Bright Jewel Sector. Imperial High Command has reported that the final Resistance forces have fled into Hyperspace and left the sector, leaving the Empire victorious. Operations are already under way to return local governance to the Drakos Corporation with Imperial forces maintaining security and peacekeeping operations in the sector indefinately.

This victory has strengthened ties between the Empire and the Trade Syndicate, whose haulted operations in the sector has hindered its efforts to supply the Core. With operations on Ord Mantell resuming, the fledgling Empire’s ability to restore order to the Core worlds and drive out Resistance forces will be greatly enhanced.

The Grand Imperial Army is also nearly complete in putting down local rebellions on the planet Dorin, having already imprisoned over one hundred Kel Dor rebels believed responsible for the string of revolts. It is still unclear if these Kel Dor are operating in conjunction with the Resistance, but the Empire is working hard to insure that Dorin is unable to join the ranks of various rebel forces unwilling to honor the Treaty of Corellia and lend more credence to their claims of a Galactic Coalition.


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